Dynamo Software: Maximizing Performance Insights

Dynamo Software: Maximizing Performance Insights

CIO VendorKrassen Draganov, CEO & Co-Founder
The hedge fund industry has been transforming at a rapid pace. Today, companies are widely adopting different investment strategies and approaches to risk management to generate positive returns. However, with data proliferation, investors and private equity firms are looking for solutions that can seamlessly manage and streamline the growing data to enhance operational efficiency. Based in Watertown, MA, Dynamo Software offers configurable cloud-based CRM software and online reporting systems that assist hedge funds and their investors to consolidate the complete operation lifecycle. “Our Dynamo platform provides sophisticated investors with a single, unified solution for data integration, due diligence, portfolio management, performance reporting, and risk analysis,” asserts Krassen Draganov, CEO and Co-Founder, Dynamo Software.

Serving in the asset investment industry for more than 15 years, Dynamo has been serving private equity and venture capital groups, private equity real estate firms, hedge funds, funds of funds, family offices, and institutional investors.

In the hedge funds industry, the Dynamo cloud based CRM platform delivers hedge fund specific capabilities that includes marketing and fundraising, investment research management, data integration and analysis, investor relations management, and investor reporting. The platform also offers configurability feature that assist hedge funds in simplifying tedious work and integrates existing investment operational patterns into user-specific dashboards, automated reports, and workflows. According to Draganov, Dynamo’s Hedge Fund Edition is one of the few CRMs, possessing both the features to create an intuitive user experience and the configurability to easily adapt to unique operational priorities.

The platform also offers an Industry-specific compliance measures that is powered by configurability and complex relationship tracking feature that makes the cloud platform ideal for maintaining compliance best practices. Through this feature, clients can track their compliance requirements, identify compliance gaps, and ensure if the tasks are completed in order to stay ahead of evolving needs.

Our Dynamo platform provides sophisticated investors with a single, unified solution for data integration, due diligence, portfolio management, performance reporting, and risk analysis

Furthermore, integrating with Microsoft Office and Outlook suite, Dynamo’s research management feature allows hedge fund managers to maximize the utility and accelerate their investment research. Their data integration and analysis feature helps in optimizing performance by importing data from third party providers directly into the platform using Content Dynamo subscription service.

Additionally, Dynamo’s DynaMobile application allows users to instantly access investor profiles and update these records with relevant communication and notes. The application is specifically available on Apple, Android, and Blackberry operating systems.

Setting a paradigm trend in the hedge funds landscape, Dynamo is maximizing performance insight for hedge fund managers. For instance, one of the Dynamo’s customer, Pyrrho Capital Management firm, needed a centralized platform for managing client data and distribution lists in order to enhance the efficiency of the firm’s communications and reporting initiatives. By deploying Dynamo’s cloud CRM platform, Pyrrho was able to serve as the centralized, user-friendly fulcrum for the front office operations. “Dynamo is an invaluable resource. The platform has efficiently organized all of our data, and facilitated timely and compelling messaging for our investors and prospects,” states Laura Genova, Head of Investor Relations and Marketing, Pyrrho.

Forging ahead, Dynamo Software will continue to expand sales globally and deliver efficient services to prospects and clients. Recently, Dynamo Software opened new branch in Singapore to achieve company’s mission to expand globally. “We are confident that our expanded APAC presence will further strengthen Dynamo’s reputation as a provider of powerful, customer-centric software solutions for fund managers and asset allocators,” concludes Draganov.

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Dynamo Software


Krassen Draganov, CEO & Co-Founder

Provider of configurable, Cloud-based CRM, investment management, and reporting solutions to consolidate alternative asset investment firms’ and their investors’ complete operational lifecycle