Harvest Exchange: The Knowledge Portal Bridging Financial Firms with Investors

Harvest Exchange: The Knowledge Portal Bridging Financial Firms with Investors

CIO VendorPeter Hans, Co-Founder & CEO
Although rapid digitization and abundance of data have reduced the risk of guesswork in the financial investment industry, the conveyance of informative insights to the right audience remains the biggest hurdle. The lack of an efficient knowledge exchange platform has resulted in relevant investment information and investor-centric thought leadership content to aimlessly float across web pages. Also, they often end up in ‘unread email buckets’ of a predominantly irrelevant pool of readers. Also, it has become all the more herculean for financial firms as well as investors to make sense and derive actionable insights from the humongous amounts of data generated across various facets of the investment realm. After all, entities such as asset managers and hedge funds are bound by the limited sales force and marketing tools.

The financial industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience in both capital and asset management, Peter Hans, co-founded Harvest Exchange in 2012 to address these looming predicaments in the investment space. Today, Harvest has grown exponentially to become one of the largest online portals, where investors can access personally curated content of the highest quality that is shared directly by premier investment organizations. “The purpose of Harvest is to provide a platform that allows investment organizations to distribute content and convey information to investors digitally,” mentions Hans. To separate meaningful investment signals from the noise, Harvest uses cutting-edge machine learning technology and behavioral analysis tools to efficiently place the most relevant investment resources at the investor’s fingertips whilst simultaneously suggesting firms that can help them through their investment journeys.

From the point a financial firm signs up with Harvest Exchange, their profile is manually processed by Harvest’s team before they are allowed to curate content on their page.

We have a dedicated client success team that works with our premium clients to help them better achieve and streamline their marketing initiatives and investor relation goals

Investors, who sign up for free can then discover that firm via the internal directory. “We have a dedicated client success team that works with our premium clients to help them streamline marketing initiatives and better achieve their investor relation goals. Our clients use the platform for campaigns, content promotion, lead generation, and data analysis to create unique value-added user experiences,” adds Hans. Harvest also brings to the table, Vosterra, a white label portal solution that enables asset management firms to deliver personalized client engagement.

With a ‘one of its kind’ offering in the space which essentially utilizes a ‘Netflix-like content matching model’ for investors, Harvest has charted exemplary client success stories. Harvest has assisted an asset management firm, which, despite having a robust content strategy, struggled with lead generation. It utilized Harvest’s content promotion strategies, quarterly reporting and analysis, and subsequent consultation on analytic reports to ultimately generate 192 qualified prospects in a single year. The firm plans to utilize Harvest’s targeting and promotion tools to continue driving leads into its marketing funnel and has also begun integrating their CRM to the prospect data generated through Harvest. In another instance, a U.S.-based asset manager that acquired a Latin American hedge fund was able to seamlessly enhance integration of the fund onto the firm’s broader investment platform. It could also streamline its communication with investors and prospects and facilitate collaboration between internal teams in Latin America and the U.S.

Looking ahead, Harvest plans to develop its platform further to create user interfaces that will lead to better content discovery and engagement across the platform. Harvest is also working on integrating third-party software such as CRM and data visualization tools to make customer management all the more seamless and intuitive for the clients.