Imagineer Technology Group - Clienteer: Transforming Investor Relations

Imagineer Technology Group - Clienteer: Transforming Investor Relations

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Jeremie Bacon, CEO, Imagineer Technology Group   ClienteerJeremie Bacon, CEO “If you can imagine it, we can engineer it” reads the tagline of New York-based Imagineer Technology Group. The company validated its motto in the initial days after its inception in 1998 when it worked for a client that was struggling to manage their hedge fund investor relationships and communications. Imagineer developed an investor portal and internal system for managing the client’s issues related to investor relations. That engagement drew Imagineer into the private fund arena and it marked the genesis of the company’s foray into the world of hedge funds. Today, the company is known to develop its software and services revolving around investor relations, investor portals, and research and due diligence for hedge fund asset allocators. In a nutshell, Imagineer helps hedge fund investor relations, fund marketing, and investment research professionals effectively manage their client and fund manager relationships.

Imagineer’s mission is to bring technology to businesses, enabling them to succeed. With this goal, Imagineer collaborates with its clients to provide future-proof solutions to help them succeed in tasks, keeping in mind that “one size does not fit all.” The company offers flexible cloud, mobile, and desktop software applications that assist hundreds of global asset managers and allocators in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM), web reporting and design, and fund research tracking.

"Using Clienteer, asset managers and allocators can visualize compliance reporting, investor account performance, product tear sheets, and investor liquidity"

The Flagship Product— Clienteer

Imagineer offers an intuitive and highly configurable CRM platform— Clienteer explicitly designed to assist hedge funds and institutional asset managers in investor relations, sales and marketing, operations, compliance, and the various workflows related to these activities. The fund marketing and investor relations platform proactively manages and tracks capital account activity such as subscriptions, redemptions, capital calls, transfers, and more with built-in workflow functionality and reporting tools. Using Clienteer, asset managers and allocators can visualize compliance reporting, investor account performance, product tear sheets, and investor liquidity. The data generated can be integrated with other platforms used for fund administration, accounting, and data aggregation to capture more investment data at the class, series, and tranche levels.

The platform helps clients to consolidate, collate, and distribute complex reporting packages secured with watermarks and password protection.

Imagineer helps hedge fund investor relations, fund marketing, and investment research professionals effectively manage their client and fund manager relationships

It includes a comprehensive suite of features wrapped in an easy to use and powerful user interface that streamlines communication between investors and prospects while also keeping track of client accounts and transactions. Unlike most CRM tools, Clienteer supports multiple subscription levels and deployment options that can scale to the needs of any organization.

Recently, Imagineer released a set of new features in Clienteer to expand the capabilities of its web as well as a desktop application and enhance the level of customization available to each of its clients. Clienteer Web has introduced features like timeline screen, fund and accounts screen, fund one-page report, and link tracking and document watermarking. The timeline screen simplifies organizations’ external communications with investors, prospects, and third parties. Users can view all investor accounts, funds, and related details on the newly added account and funds screen. Through these screens, customers can add new funds, access saved views, and quickly filter their data.

Users can also generate a fund one-page report, which is a tear sheet that compares customers’ fund-level returns or account performance to different benchmarks using data from the platform. This feature empowers the users to determine the fund, select a template, decide on the indices for comparison, and choose a date range. Such flexibility allows them to easily adjust the tear sheet to meet the needs of particular investors and prospects.

Similar to Clienteer Desktop, customers can now embed a link within the body of their group email in Clienteer Web and track the recipients clicking on the link. They can convert a document or website to a trackable link, which can be useful in developing a deeper understanding of how organizations interact with each other. Additionally, customers can apply for personalized watermarks to documents within Clienteer Web, reducing the risk while sending out document distributions to investors or prospects.

In Clienteer Desktop, fund screen fields are user-defined and customers can also customize their fund and account screen names. This feature allows users to change fund and account nomenclature anywhere within Clienteer. Another feature in this version is the ability to create custom fields and adjust the layout on the fund screen, giving users more flexibility in how they use Clienteer.

With this enhancement, they can customize the fields and layouts for all the different types of funds they manage such as retail, private equity, separately managed accounts, and hedge funds. The new feature builds upon the already highly flexible Clienteer platform, allowing clients to capture data that is important to their organization easily.

Optimizing the Workflow

A centralized knowledge platform and an efficient workflow, both are equally imperative for hedge fund managers to effectively communicate across teams and service their clientele during the capital raising periods. In most of the cases, a hedge fund’s compliance, accounting, and investor relations teams each utilize an individual database to store information critical to their job functions. These separate databases are not always inclusive and often require a constant flow of communication between teams, which can lead to loss of important details and hinder workflow efficiency. With the teams expanding, cross-pollination of knowledge and process becomes more critical.

A global investment firm recognized this challenge as they reached a growth stage with their event-driven and multi-strategy investment approach. The firm had previously leveraged an in-house contact management system to provide their investor relations, marketing, finance, and compliance teams a hub for necessary investor details. Although the system was designed keeping the processes in mind, they realized the need for an industry-wide solution like Clienteer, which handles several general use cases hedge funds encounter on a regular basis.

Beyond traditional CRM capabilities, Clienteer provided a suite of investment industry-specific features, allowing organizations to track investor accounts, transactions, and crucial regulatory data points. Clienteer centralized all critical investor related data and resolved complex reporting challenges, helping businesses to bridge the gap between various departments and modify firms’ processes.

Clienteer stored critical data pertaining to compliance, accounting, investor relations, and marketing, making the system a hedge fund’s ideal centralized knowledge base. The platform’s reporting capabilities allowed the investment firm’s clients to extract information from several resources, gathering useful data from different teams into one report. The firm utilized a set of detailed Clienteer reports that combined compliance, accounting, investor relations, and marketing data, helping them effectively distribute information to connect their various teams. Clienteer became a critical component of their operational infrastructure, assisting the firm in optimizing their workflow and better serving their investors and prospects.

Imagineer actively partners with software providers to integrate Clienteer into their platforms, serving the asset management and allocator industries to better enhance their clients’ experience and optimize their workflows further.

- Aaron Pierce
    April 27, 2019

Imagineer Technology Group Clienteer News

Imagineer Technology Group Increases Versatility with Launch of Clienteer Web

New York - Today, Imagineer Technology Group, a leading provider of cloud-based investor relations and fund marketing software to the asset management industry, announced the launch of Clienteer Web, the latest addition to Clienteer, the industry's most versatile investor relations and fund marketing platform.

Clienteer Web makes the core relationship management, sales, and marketing capabilities of Clienteer's desktop application available via a browser, providing one more feature-full way to use the fund management industry's preferred cloud-based CRM solution. Users can now seamlessly utilize Clienteer as a desktop, web, or mobile application across windows, mac, and mobile operating systems.

This addition to the Clienteer product suite helps asset managers take fund marketing to a new level, allowing teams who focus on capital raising to stay organized and easily capture the important client-related data they need most. Because fund marketing teams are often traveling, the fact that Clienteer Web requires no installation and works with all major browsers, makes it easy to get up and running anywhere, anytime.

"We designed Clienteer Web's modern UI and convenient accessibility with our business development users in mind, to arm them with the intuitive functionality they need to manage fund sales and marketing activities," stated Avi Giladi, VP of Engineering. "Working closely with our beta clients we identified key functionality sets and fine-tuned them for the initial release."

Client feedback and feature suggestions have always been an integral part of Imagineer's software development and release cycles. Giladi added, "keeping our core users close enables our product development teams to refine the industry workflows built into our products and ensures we can enhance and add functionality to meet the ever-evolving needs of the asset management industry. Moving forward, we will continue expanding Clienteer Web's feature-set to include even more of the tools that make its desktop-based cousin the preferred system for hundreds of fund managers across the globe."

The addition of Clienteer Web to the suite of mobile and desktop tools that make up the Clienteer platform marks the beginning of a new era for the industry's most extensive and configurable relationship management solution. Clienteer users now have unprecedented optionality in how they access and enhance their CRM data, something no other provider can match.