ProTrak International: Transforming Investment Management

ProTrak International: Transforming Investment Management

CIO VendorSimon Koziel, President
As Simon Koziel noted, one of the greatest needs for investment managers is to handle the vast amount of data while they work with investors, consultants, and various third parties. With this in mind he developed a strategic CRM solution technology to help hedge funds, traditional investment management, and private equity firms. “Our solution automates many of the day-to-day tasks by providing a more efficient process and a way of working,” says Koziel, President, ProTrak International.

Typically, most of the startup hedge funds relied on Excel and Outlook for managing the investor relationship. However, once they exceeded 50+ investors and grew dramatically their assets under management, it became more difficult to manage the complex many-to-many relationships between institutional and high net investors, their consultants, advisers and intermediaries. This is where ProTrak’s solution comes in. It gives a unified view of investor’s funds, activities, mailings and reporting. Initially it allows hedge funds to import their native investor profiles, activity notes, Outlook contacts, and contact’s historical emails into ProTrak CRM. The solution’s centralized database organizes the information to provide a holistic view on the relationship and provide answers to queries pertinent to investor’s funds, their historical account valuations, performance, and activity history.

“We monitor each investor relationship, and their holdings and transactions across multiple share classes,” notes Koziel. Using ProTrak CRM, hedge fund operators can set-up a monthly scheduled import of investors’ holdings and their redemptions/subscriptions from their onshore/offshore administrators. The solution also permits the managers to automate email marketing and dispatch bulk emails with the investor specific data and watermarked attachments.

Interestingly, “ProTrak CRM is not another CRM, but a data warehouse that enriches the users with 360 degree view of relationships and eases a query resolution,” extols Koziel. “If the foundation is strong enough, then it is easy to add more floors and make major structural changes.”

ProTrak’s open database architecture allows importing outside data into ProTrak or exporting any element of its database to other in-house systems. “For instance, specific to Hedge Funds, ProTrak imports investors’ historical holdings and transactions. After receiving the transactions, the entries are matched against ProTrak's pending notifications and are automatically deleted if a match if found. The resulting "register" helps also with cash flow projection.” The logical view of the architecture comprises of three interactive user-defined databases. First database is configured for managing investor and prospective investor relationships, second for consultant/intermediary relationships, and the third for managing hedge fund due diligence process.

Also, due to nature of hedge funds business model, ProTrak provides enterprise security matrix, which is inclusive of audit logs for supporting comprehensive compliance consideration. “It is very important for us to have our database accessible and secure at all times and ProTrak offered solution which addressed our cyber-security and database ownership concerns,” said one of ProTrak’s hedge fund clients.

ProTrak’s mobile solution lends access to critical client, prospects, consultants, and advisor information and utilizes measures like device registration, restricted data access to safeguard business data. ProTrak CRM ensures personalized experience to each user group and allows the process of configuration in accordance with the business requirements. “Recommendations from our user community play crucial role in our product releases,” states Koziel.

The upcoming 2017 release of ProTrak’s browser based platform sports a new functionality based on email tracking. “The key benefit of this functionality is the analytical potential since you can track the exact stage at which you piqued the email recipient’s interest,” he concludes.