10 Best Hedge Fund Software Providers - 2017
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10 Best Hedge Fund Software Providers - 2017

The evolving government regulations, compliance mandates, and technologies is transforming hedge fund landscape immensely. However, for a fund operator, factors such as compliance, market conditions become intricacies in fund management. Money managers have to strategize to meet the investors’ growing expectations with focus on variance in the net asset value more than ever, due to market volatility.

In this scenario, hedge fund software, enabled with large set of features and driven by cutting edge technology is coming to the managers’ aid by giving them an incisive and direct view of the markets all while providing a clear picture of their performance with respect to compliance. From incorporation of algorithmic techniques to Straight-through Processing, the technological integrations allow application of different financial strategies and expedite transactions. These tools also empower the managers with better visibility into investor’s activity, intent, and relationship. After a primer on utility of hedge fund solution, for a CIO, the only question is—which is the most apt hedge funds software?

To simplify and help CIOs navigate the hedge fund software solution landscape, Capital Markets CIO Outlook has come up with special edition, where a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s editorial board has decided the ‘10 Best Hedge Fund Software Providers 2017’ in the U.S.

The listing presents the real view of the solutions and their adeptness in tackling intricacies in the complex hedge fund arena. It will also help to understand the technologies that underpin the solutions.

In the process of selecting the most promising hedge fund software solution providers, we have analyzed the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognitions.

We present to you the 10 Best Hedge Fund Software Providers 2017. 

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Backstop Backstop is the web-based operating platform for the institutional investment community
Deltix Provides software and services for quantitative research, algorithmic and automated systematic trading
Dynamo Software Provider of configurable, Cloud-based CRM, investment management, and reporting solutions to consolidate alternative asset investment firms’ and their investors’ complete operational lifecycle
Eze Software Group Provides Eze Software Investment Suite that addresses the core business needs of the asset management community, including order management, trade execution and analytics
Fi Tek A financial technology solutions and services company focused on addressing complex needs of financial services providers in Wealth Management and Alternative Investments domain
HedgeGuard Financial Software A specialist software provider for hedge funds, family offices, asset managers, and startup funds
Imagineer Technology Group Provider of customizable solutions to assist alternative asset managers in the areas of hedge fund due diligence, client relationship management, and web reporting
MackeyRMS Provides research management software for hedge funds
PortfolioScience Specializes in risk management technology for financial institutions, investment services, financial advisors, and hedge funds
ProTrak International A strategic CRM solution provider for investment management