Top 10 Hedge Fund Technology Solution Companies - 2018- Companies
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Top 10 Hedge Fund Technology Solution Companies - 2018

The overall approach to investment strategy and operations in the hedge fund landscape is reshaping due to the frequent global security breaches, the demands for improved investor transparency, and the booming startup funds competing with their enterprise counterparts. With major trends such as cybersecurity, due diligence, cloud adoption, and the changing role of a hedge fund’s CTO alongside the evolving government regulations and compliance mandates, the need for high standards of infrastructure and operational integrity has increased multifold.

In this scenario, various hedge fund software products ease out the process of managing investments through simplified fund administration, and improving operational processes’ efficiency. In-depth portfolio analysis and a robust compliance setup are necessary for attaining enhanced risk management, reduced costs, better visibility, and strong infrastructure that supports complex instruments and investment strategies. Amongst the sheer choice of availability of hedge fund technology solution providers, the main struggle for money managers is the difficulty to choose the right tools to solve the complexities in the regulatory environment. To simplify and help CIOs navigate the hedge fund technology solution landscape, Capital Markets CIO Outlook has come up with its special edition, where a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, VPs, and analysts, along with Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s editorial board have decided the “Top 10 Hedge Fund Technology Solution Providers 2018.”

The listing provides a glimpse of the solutions and their adeptness in tackling intricacies in the ever-changing hedge fund arena while giving insights about the technologies that help to underpin the solutions. In the process of selecting the most promising hedge fund technology solution providers, we have analyzed the company’s offerings, core competency, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognitions.

We present to you the “Top 10 Hedge Fund Technology Solution Providers - 2018.”

  • Top Hedge Fund Technology Solution Companies

  • Provides comprehensive and flexible middle and back-office solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s alternative asset managers

  • Cloud-based, fully integrated front-to-back investment management software and outsourced fund services provided by ONE vendor, in ONE system with ONE data-set

  • Harvest uses cutting-edge machine learning technology and behavioral analysis tools to efficiently place the most relevant investment resources and companies at an investor’s fingertips

  • Provides a turnkey, enterprise-grade, fully managed private cloud, and security infrastructure on par with those of Tier 1 banks without the associated capital expenditures, design, and maintenance

  • The company offers compliance software and comprehensive consulting to investment firms, businesses, and financial services

  • Specializes in risk management tech for financial institutions, investment services, financial advisors, and hedge funds

  • Backstop Solutions Group

    Backstop Solutions Group

    Offers CRM software to hedge funds, funds of funds, endowments, and foundations improving the quality of investment services

  • Imagineer Technology Group

    Imagineer Technology Group

    Provides a relationship management and fund marketing platform in the domain of investor relations, compliance for institutional asset managers and hedge funds

  • Millenium Trust Company

    Millenium Trust Company

    Specialized solutions provider in the area of alternative assets, investment accounts, and retirement funds with a wide range of custody services

  • Vidrio Financial

    Vidrio Financial

    Automates the investment management process with asset transparency and decision support tools and provides a platform for institutional investors in hedge funds