Top 10 Hedge Fund Solution Companies - 2021- Companies
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Top 10 Hedge Fund Solution Companies - 2021

Technology has become a critical enabler for hedge fund managers and the service providers that support them. Managers are increasingly relying on a sophisticated front-office solution to help achieve market-beating risk-adjusted returns. Meanwhile, automated and integrated middle and back-office infrastructures deliver the operating and compliance efficiencies hedge funds need to curb costs and maintain their profitability in an era of tightening fees.

Big data has become one of the most widely used innovative technologies, with most leading hedge fund players’ now consuming vast and varied datasets. In a similar vein, cloud adoption is growing and will remain an important trend in the coming years. While firms used to be concerned about control and data security, those worries have faded as cloud solutions have matured. Mobile offerings and delivery of trading and performance-related information to investors are another work in progress. A majority of capital market firms are at the planning/research stage of implementing artificial intelligence at a minimum, with AI and machine learning approaches used primarily in investment decision-making processes. Distributed ledger technology also has the potential to cause major disruptions in the industry as it offers clear advantages in simplifying and speeding up trade confirmations and settlements.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced hedge fund solutions. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed hedge fund solution providers, Capital Markets CIO Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Hedge Fund Solution Providers – 2021.’ The enlisted organizations help investors address the inherent complexities and act as an extension of their staff to develop the optimal hedge funds portfolio. The magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Hedge Fund Solution Providers – 2021.”

  • Top Hedge Fund Solution Companies

  • Launched in 2008, PPB Capital Partners brings premier alternative investment solutions and streamlined processing to the wealth advisory community. PPB provides a platform of alternative investment funds from industry-leading managers and designs and operates access funds and customized fund-of-funds for wealth advisory firms. As a fiduciary, PPB Capital Partners works alongside wealth advisors to solve the challenges of investing in private investments. The firm offers operational expertise in multiple fund structures and alternative strategies, including venture capital, private equity, private credit, private real estate, hedge funds, impact investing, infrastructure, and direct investments, with lower investment minimums and tight cost controls

  • SS&C has recently acquired Innovest Systems, the provider of web-based technology systems for trust accounting, payments, and unique asset servicing. This acquisition allows SS&C to broaden its wealth management technology suite. As SS&C and Innovest are leaders and innovators in portfolio management and trust operations, correspondingly, they integrate their strengths to create a truly unique full-service wealth management platform.

  • A technology advisory firm, Wagner-Weber Associates offers information technology consulting and services to Registered Investment Advisors, hedge funds, private equity companies, and other capital markets-oriented businesses. The firm provides its financial services clients with the guidance to select, implement, and support everything they need to run and manage their business and investment portfolio. From its inception, the company has remained and continues to be completely independent of any equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and service providers of any kind. Its extensive range of services include—but are not limited to—CIO/CTO strategic advisory and management support; technology infrastructure design and implementation; technology relocation planning and execution; business continuity and disaster recovery planning and deployment; information security consulting; and operations and systems infrastructure support

  • Backstop Solutions Group

    Backstop Solutions Group

    Backstop Solutions Group's mission is to help the institutional investment industry use time to its fullest potential. The company develop investment management software and financial CRM technology to simplify and streamline otherwise time-consuming tasks and processes, enabling our clients to quickly and easily access, share, and manage the knowledge that’s critical to their day-to-day business success. Backstop provides its industry-leading cloud-based productivity suite to investment consultants, pensions, funds of funds, family offices, endowments, foundations, private equity, hedge funds, and real estate investment firms.

  • Dynamo Software

    Dynamo Software

    The Dynamo software platform benefits from intensive collaboration with internationally prominent clients to optimize the front-to-back office productivity of deal teams, fund managers and asset allocators, while providing innovative solutions to facilitate data exchange between these firms. Dynamo serves over 1,000 clients including private equity firms, M&A teams, venture capital groups, institutional investors, hedge funds, funds of funds, fund administrators, prime brokerages, family offices, and real estate private equity firms

  • Elliott Management

    Elliott Management

    Elliott Investment Management L.P. (together with its affiliates, “Elliott”) is one of the oldest fund managers of its kind under continuous management. As of December 31, 2020, Elliott manages approximately $41.8 billion in assets. The firm employs a staff of 468 people, including 167 investment professionals, in its Florida headquarters and affiliated offices elsewhere in the United States, Europe and Asia.

  • Enfusion


    Enfusion represents a new paradigm for investment management operations. By freeing asset managers from redundant and irrelevant legacy technology limitations, Enfusion makes it possible to see clearly in real time, unfetter talent across the enterprise, move faster, and boost the internal innovation that drives differentiation and returns

  • Fi Tek

    Fi Tek

    Fi-Tek provides best-in-class Wealth Management Software encompassing the entire lifecycle of wealth management and industry leading Hedge Fund Software addressing complex investor allocation requirements for hedge funds and private equity

  • MackeyRMS


    MackeyRMS is a provider of SaaS-delivered research management software engineered to optimize the way analysts and portfolio managers generate, share, debate and act on investment research conducted for actively managed portfolios. Relied upon as a single system of record for research supporting the investment process, MackeyRMS is used by many of the world’s leading investment managers to organize key investment workflows, engender trust from investors, and streamline regulatory and compliance oversight. MackeyRMS is used by institutional asset managers and asset owners across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions

  • PortfolioScience


    PortfolioScience specializes in risk management technology for financial institutions, investment services, financial advisors, and hedge funds