Citrin Cooperman: Trusted Business Advisors for Financial Market

Citrin Cooperman: Trusted Business Advisors for Financial Market

Alexander Reyes, Partner, Financial Services Practice Leader, Citrin CoopermanAlexander Reyes, Partner, Financial Services Practice Leader
Encroaching a set standard in helping its customers has always been a forte for Citrin Cooperman. The company often helps its customers in other business issues that do not lie under their canopy of services, for example, suggesting better services or solution providers for a particular entity. “It is about understanding the client’s needs, pain points, and then building a year-round relationship,” says Reyes. Reyes highlights an incident where a client-facing tax issue approached Citrin Cooperman. The company’s expertise eventually helped the client save a lot on taxes. Instances like these are plenty for Citrin Cooperman. In another case where a client was dealing with some financial reporting challenges, Citrin Cooperman’s team members assisted with various emerging accounting issues like revenue recognition, the new leasing standard or fair value matters. The company used its resources to help its clients from a reporting perspective and also get ahead of any regulatory issues that they may encounter.

As a company driven by core values and rich culture, Citrin Cooperman endorses a collaborative approach, and the entire team works together irrespective of their distinctive roles. Affirming this, Alex mentions that at the time of joining Citrin Cooperman, he was most attracted to the company’s approach in nurturing leaders. Championing in the industry for about 40 years while focusing on encouraging leadership, Citrin Cooperman at present has 17 locations, and the company further envisions expanding geographically. “We will continue to enhance the existing full suite of advisory services and hire talented people to continue delivering mastery,” concludes Reyes.

It is about understanding the client’s needs, pain points, and then building a year-round relationship

The company recently opened three locations on the West Coast and plans to expand further into the South and Mid-West. Along with their ambition to expand geographically, Citrin Cooperman will be honing its expertise in several subject matters.

In the day and age of rapidly evolving technologies and financial markets, entities like hedge funds strive to leverage technology and bring new products in the market. In parallel, there is an increasing need for them to maintain a balance between aligning with technology, adherence to evolving regulations, mitigating business risks, and meeting tax obligations to achieve their business goals. “To this end, I believe we are rightly positioned to assist our clients with integrated business consulting, accounting, and tax services with a correct emphasis on technologies like AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity,” says Alexander Reyes, partner and financial services practice leader at Citrin Cooperman. “As hedge funds continue to evolve in technology, we bring in services and provide advice to our clients in order to help them in making timely responses and be future-ready,” he further adds, highlighting Citrin Cooperman’s edge on being abreast with the latest in the market.

Citrin Cooperman, a trusted business advisor, provides accounting and advisory services that offer in-depth knowledge and subject matter expertise for companies to examine their business’ financial structure and offers new perspectives on their strategies. With a mission to deliver actionable business and strategy insights, Citrin Cooperman follows a step by step methodology while catering to their clients. By understanding the pain points of the customers pertaining to lack of knowledge and technology gap, Citrin Cooperman delivers its services accordingly. The company leverages its resources to the fullest in catering to clients, going beyond audit and tax obligations, bringing insights on changes in cybersecurity, AI, data analytics, and being tax-efficient.

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Citrin Cooperman

Citrin Cooperman

New York, NY

Alexander Reyes, Partner, Financial Services Practice Leader

Citrin Cooperman is among the largest, full-service assurance, tax, and business advisory firms in the United States, having steadily built its business serving a diverse and loyal clientele since 1979. Our daily mission is to help our clients “focus on what counts.” Rooted in our core values, we provide a comprehensive, integrated business approach to traditional services, which includes proactive insights throughout the lifecycle of our clients, wherever they do business, across the globe. Citrin Cooperman is an independent firm associated with Moore Global Network Limited.